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About Black Leaf

It all started after a conversation with one of our close friends around the dinner table. She had written a book and was having one hell of a time getting it published.  As we all came from backgrounds loosely associated with both the design and printing fields the idea was hit on to begin our own publishing group hence Black Leaf was born.

One of the first decisions made was that we were not going to follow the lines of other publishers on the market, but would select books that were innovative and alternative without compromising on a quality reading experience.

We set out to publish all our books by the traditional route but after a short time discovered that this was not the best route and nowadays use only the Print On Demand method with our books.

Print on Demand  (POD)

Print on demand is that a copy of the book is not created until after an order is received.

This Print on Demand technology means that once we select a manuscript for publication it can be printed as and when it is needed for a fixed cost per copy, irrespective of the size of the order and even as little as just one copy.

As the details of your book are stored electronically to be printed on a one-off basis or very small print runs the financial investment required is much lower than traditional printing methods as we don’t have to hold a stock of unsold copies.

There is a small initial charge and the unit cost per book is much higher. The rest of the process is the same whether printing is done traditionally or through POD.





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