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This is the big question faced by many a budding writer. Let us explain.

You've written a book. You've taken time, care and a lot of attention to detail to complete your work, and you've passed it to several of your friends for their comments, which as it turned out were all exceedingly positive. In fact their approbation was quite beyond your expectations, and so you now feel you have something worthy of publication.... but how to go about getting your work published?

Do you try to find an Agent, or better still get a Publisher to read your work.

Unless you are a celebrity; a known-author; or have produced an exceptionally brilliant and rare piece of work, your masterpiece (for it is a masterpiece and you should be justifiably proud that you have written the makings of a good book, not to mention having received favourable comments upon your piece) will merely lie amongst the pile of writing awaiting the attention of such over-worked professionals. This could take a very long time and more than likely will result in a series of rejection slips when your work finally comes to the surface of the literally hundreds of pieces which are received daily for their attention and perusal.

So what are you to do? Do you thrust it away in the bottom drawer to be forgotten forever? Or do you 'take the bull by the horns' and be determined to have your work published and finally receive your reward for all those long and tedious hours spent in getting it to this stage.

The answer lies with Black Leaf Publishing. Our aim is to help un-known, un-acknowledged or retired writers get their work into print and out on the market place with a finished product of which they can be justifiably proud.

Imagine the dream of seeing your book in print and out on the worldwide market. This can become a reality faster than you think. You can be the proud owner of a profesionally bound and finished masterpiece, ready to promote with justifiable pride.

Simply go to Submissions page and forward your manuscript to us.  

Once received by us we will then read through your work; give you our honest opinion, and - if acceptable to us - make you an offer based on its individual merit and potential saleability. 

(For further information and answers to any questions please see under FAQ).